Parallel Session #7

Computer Science & Software Engineering


Session Chair: Dr Siti Sarah Maidin Asst. Session Chair: Mr Umapathy
Venue: E-07-07
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Time Slot:  1:30PM – 3:30PM
No Paper ID Title Presenter Name
1 236 A Cloud-Based Smart Parking System Based On IOT Technologies Zaki Mukadam
2 149 Developing Ensemble Algorithms and Comparing their Prediction Accuracies in Education Data Mining Eu Jin Phua
3 214 IntelliOrder” – Intelligent Speech Recognition Self-Ordering Management System for Restaurants Muhammad Daniel Vineshen
4 264 Livestock Health Monitoring using IoT Technology for Ethiopia Ezaden Seraj Muhamed
5 160 Vulnerabilities in Public Key Cryptography Mohamed Abdulla
6 238 Facial Recognition Payment System: An Effortless Payment Method in Public Transport Sector Ng Yee Fei
7 147 Implementation of queueing theory to enhance the medical assistance system through mobile application development Yew Bang Zhao
8 129 A Study on the Current Application of Cloud Computing in the Real World Victor Khoo Shien Yan
9 284 Auto-Insurance Fraud Detection: A Behavioral Feature Engineering Approach Johannes Kalwihura
10 285 Image Forensics Tool With Steganography Detection Ed Keneth Joel Melanie
11 67 Overcoming Social Impact of Social Media Using Table-Top Touchscreen Evita Sari
12 35 The Importance of preserving the anonymity in Healthcare data: A survey Uzair Aslam