Parallel Session #5

Creative Multimedia and Mobile Computing


Session Chair: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sathish Asst. Session Chair: Ms Hairul Aysa
Venue: E-07-05
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Time Slot:  1:30PM – 3:30PM
No Paper ID Title Presenter Name
1 89 Design of a Vehicle Anti-Theft Device Using Sequential Fingerprint and Voice Biometrics Efren Victor Jr. Tolentino
2 93 Empirical Study on Students Behavior with Down syndrome in a Gamified Learning Environment Marvin Arenas
3 143 Factors influencing user behavior in virtual reality: A systematic review Myle Melody Daniels
4 62 An analytical study on the reach and effectiveness of radio in promoting awareness about Tuberculosis in specific rural parts of India Shabista Booshan
5 90 Impact Of Television Advertisements On Cosmetics Consumption And Beauty Perception Among College Students Vijayalakshmi Annadurai
6 144 Implementing HCDC(k) and Modified HCDC(k) to Achieve Better Compression Result Harwin Mendoza
7 45 Development and validation of an instrument to measure self-regulated learning strategies for online learning performance Lilian Anthonysamy
8 122 The Impact of Utilizing Mobile-assisted Mind Mapping Technique (MAMMAT) on the Development of Undergraduate Students’ Writing Performance Rafidah Abd Karim
9 126 Design and Implementation Framework of Mobile Assistive Application for Dyslexic Students Michael Angelo Burac
10 148 Hyperparameters Tuning and Model Comparison for Telecommunication Customer Churn Predictive Models Guan Li Koh
11 63 Surplus Food Donation: An Analytical Review for The Lost Food Project (NGO) Saveetha Ganesan
12 220 Common Security Protocols for Wireless Networks: A Comparative Analysis Muhammad Ehsan Rana