Parallel Session #3

Technology Trends and Forensics & Secure Systems


Session Chair: Dr Maryam Shahpasand Asst. Session Chair: Ms Nik Nurul Ain
Venue: E-07-03
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Time Slot:  4:00PM – 6:00PM
No Paper ID Title Presenter Name
1 209 A Study on Cyber Safety Awareness Among Malaysian Primary Students. A Case Study: QR Code Game in SK Bangi Zety Marlia Zainal Abidin
2 166 Mobile Application for Behavioral and Social Skills Learning for Autism Children using Facial Expression Recognition Hao Zhan Gan
3 295 InsurFit – Client Health Monitoring System for Health Insurance Companies Using Smart Wearable Devices and Data Visualization Albert Jonathan,
4 14 Using Hub-and-Spokes Flow Model Into the Action RPG: The Camlann Chronicle Chen Tet Khuan
5 69 YJCrypt: An Encryption Messaging System Julia Juremi,
6 227 Secured Car Helpline navigation system “CC Helpline” Dave Ravi
7 11 An Integration of The Linear and Hub-and-Spoke Flow Models for a Two-dimensional Role-Playing-Game Chen Tet Khuan
8 2 Predicting Sales for Rossmann Drug Stores Shamee Mrimmoaee Ahmed
9 177 SafeScale: A Fire Risk Assessment Mobile Application for Buildings Prem Arumugam
11 112 The Data Driven Transformation Of Zimbabwean Banks From Product Centric To Customer Service Delivery Chen Tet Khuan
12 6 Implementation of Bottle-necking Flow Model in Puzzle Games: The Art of Repetition Chen Tet Khuan
13 114 Ransomware: The Evolution of a Cybercrime Md Rifat Ahmed