Parallel Session #1

Cloud Computing, IOT & Big Data


Session Chair: Dr. Sarerusaenye Ismail Asst. Session Chair: Ms Tham
Venue: E-07-01
Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Time Slot:  1:30PM – 3:30PM
No Paper ID Title Presenter Name
1 1 Bomb Detection Using Electronic Nose For Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) – Improvised Explosive Device Raymond Joseph Meimban
2 32 Visualizing Students’ Satisfaction and Importance of Academic Services: A Data-Driven Modelling Using C5.0 Algorithm Hershey R. Alburo
3 36 Envisaging Patron’s Library Activities: An Application of the C4.5 Decision Tree Algorithm Edwin Murillo
4 39 Evaluating Content Validity of IoT-based Services Questionnaire (IOTSQ) Among Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Norliza Binti Sidek
5 47 An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Model for Prediction of University Program Recommendation Sarerusaenye Ismail
6 48 Indoor Location Assistant By Integrated Localized Routing in Proxy Mobile Nur Haliza Abdul Wahab
7 55 Advanced Decision Support System for Postoperative Care Unit using Artificial Neural Networks Kayalvizhi Subramanian
8 57 Evaluative Comparison of Students’ Performance: A Predictive Model for IT Students Geraldine Mangmang
9 61 Learn Baybáyin: an e-learning mobile application using a convolutional neural network James Arnold Nogra
10 167 Investigating Students’ Acceptance with FAQ Chatbot: ISPSC, Tagudin Experience George Villanueva Jr
11 289 Mining Association Rules For Frequent And Rare Items Using Relative Multiple Supports Miriam Pariñas
12 223 Breast Cancer Classification using Fuzzy Elman Recurrent Neural Network Dhoriva Urwatul Wutsqa
13 72 A Review of Innovative Ageing and Gerontechnology Jerry Chong Chean Fuh